Is Showbox Legal And Safe To Use? (Showbox Reviews 2018)

First, find

What is Showbox?

Showbox is an Android-based video streaming app which let you watch movies and TV shows for free.

It provides the both the options, you can download your video or you can watch it online to avoid downloading.

  1. Download your video
  2. Streaming online

Now comes to the main topic.

Is Showbox legal?

No Showbox is not a legal app because it streams movies without any permission of original video creator.

Streaming movies and TV shows without any permission from their creator are totally illegal, so Showbox is not legal.

But you have to understand that there is a difference between legal and safe.

Because Showbox is not legal, it doesn’t mean it is not safe.

Showbox is completely safe to use. This streaming app is used by millions of users worldwide to watch their favorite movies and TV series.

So there is not any issue with security while using this streaming app.

What makes Showbox suspicious

  • It streams content without any permission of original creator
  • It is not listed to Google Play store

Yes, this app is not listed to Google Play store, it is because it is streaming app which doesn’t follow Google play Store policies.

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