Spotify Vs Google Play Music – Complete comparison

Hey, are you a user of google music and wondering why people prefer Spotify over it anytime? If yes, then you are on the right page. Here in this article we will compare the features of both these awesome music app and get to a conclusion to what you must use to hear better music.

Google Play music vs Spotify

What is Google Play Music?

Google is the Internet giant and a music app produced by them is called Google Play music, 90% of the android devices get Google play music pre-installed on their device. And if you are an android user you must be familiar with it.

Pros of Google Play Music

Google Play music provides so many awesome features to its users and below are some of the most highlighted features of this app.

  • You can play music in almost any music format, you name a format and google play music is already compatible to play it.
  • You get very fewer ads between the music you play online and offline as well.
  • You can download Music for playing offline when you buy a premium subscription
  • Google Play music is a very lightweight app, if your device is laggy and hangs in-between songs, then Google play music will do better in terms of performance than Spotify.

Cons of Google Play Music

Although we imagine a Google product to be the best, it’s not so in the case of Google play music completely, read the below cons of Google Play music.

  • Many songs are missing in Google Music.
  • Not many languages are supported by Google Play Music.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a Music Giant, no other app is as cool as Spotify. Read the positives of Spotify below to know it better.

Pros of Spotify

  • The database of Music is very huge on Spotify, you name a song and you can find it on Spotify for sure.
  • Spotify has Songs of more than 100 languages, So most probably you can find the songs of your language too.
  • You can follow your favorite artists on Spotify and get updates about their work on your feed, And you will also be notified when that particular star releases any new album/song.
  • Based on your activities on Spotify, Spotify sends you a personalized list of suggested songs that you most probably will like, this helps you in finding new songs and artists that you might be interested in.
  • Cost of Spotify Premium is cheap, and also on many websites Spotify premium free is available too, you can upgrade easily to enjoy upgraded benefits.
  • You have the option download individual songs as well as full playlist on Spotify premium and you can also get Spotify premium free for 1 month using the trial version sign up.
  • You can connect multiple devices simultaneously and remotely operate all the devices using Spotify premium.

Cons of Spotify

Even Spotify has cons, the only problem I feel in Spotify is that the ads are too annoying in the free version of the app. If you are planning to buy Spotify premium then you won’t be actually having any problem as all ads are blocked in Spotify premium.


if you are more interested in the quality of the music you listen to, then Spotify is the right choice, Now don’t think much and download the app right now from the play store and start using.

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